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We know how important it is to plan your little one’s special day. It is because of this that we have worked really hard on finding true talent to work on our team. Everyone in our company has a special way with children. Get yourself comfortable and browse through all the pages. If there are any questions or would like to book your party, feel free to email or call us.

Kids Entertainment Long Island was born with the idea of creating a very special and personalized service to our clients. We are honored to be chosen by you and will always work hard on providing invaluable memories for your Children’s Entertainment Long Island. Contact one of our planners now to work with you on your next event!

Fantastic Days Entertainment, Corp. began in 2003 as a dream project of one of the first owners; a teacher. His love and passion for working with children at a prestigious Montessori Child Development Center in Long Island, New York gave him the experience, motivation, and passion to eventually turn Fantastic Days Entertainment Corp. into what it is today; offering the best and most affordable professional entertainment services for children of all ages.

Before it began, this teacher originally born in Ecuador had come to New York with his mother and siblings at the age of 11. His father stayed in Ecuador but they kept a close relationship for years to come. Years later, he got a call from his father where he was informed that he was diagnosed with cancer. Through the faith and encouragement from his father, he began to perform at children’s birthday parties as a clown with the efforts of acquiring funds to help pay for his father’s cancer treatments. He would work tirelessly every day and every weekend to accomplish this.

Years later in 2007 he met a beautiful young girl and together they began working and he taught her everything he knew. During this time his father had been diagnosed with second cancer; it was during this time that the idea of the name “Fantastic Days” came from his father who still lives, now cancer free. While discussing on possible names for the business his father asked in Spanish: “how about – Un DiaFantastico?”Fantastic Days Entertainment began to grow at an exponential rate thanks to God and to his father who through the love for his children was able to transcend and be an example of perseverance, dedication, and determination.

In April 2017, Fantastic Days Entertainment began a new chapter and grew even more after forming a partnership with one of the best performers the company has ever had since 2011. This performer became involved when he was still in High School. He was involved in every holiday and later on after successful graduation from college with a B.A. in Business Administration he was offered to join Fantastic Days Entertainment at a whole new level.

Every family is a nucleus and we believe in the importance of keeping the family bond. Our planners are thrilled at helping every family plan for their child’s big day. Each time we have parents contact us we can sense their excitement about planning their child’s birthday party and giving them something nice to remember for years to come. At the same time, we know and understand how expensive children entertainment services can be. It is because of this reason that we focus on providing quality professional children services for kid’s parties at an affordable price. We know and understand how different families have different cultural backgrounds and ways of living, but realize something in common among them; when it comes to celebrating their children’s parties they all want the Best Entertainment in long island at the most affordable price.

This dream began over 15 years ago and till this day; we are constantly working on creating and making your next event a memorable one regardless of the place, culture, and amount of kids. Our priority will always be to have your children have a blast, enjoy their time, and make it their best party yet. We can proudly say that in since we started, we have served over 5,000 families in the Long Island area with thousands of happy parents and children.Fantastic Days Entertainment now has multiple owners and is constantly in the search of new talent. What initially grew by word of mouth and recommendation has now let us serve the Long Island community by providing what has been called by our customers the best and most affordable entertainment on Long Island!